Food safety for food delivery

Food safety for food delivery

We are all witnesses to the relief that food delivery has brought to our lives. Instead of going out by ourselves to purchase a box of pizza; we now sit in the comfort of our homes to place such orders. An order that would be delivered in no time.

Food delivery used to be a luxury, something that only the well to-do could afford. The story is different now. Almost anyone can place an order with their phones and have it delivered to them.

Some restaurants have even made it extra easy by offering free delivery services to their customers. The only thing required of customers in those cases is just giving a generous tip to the deliverer.

However, it is true that while we enjoy these services, the safety of our food is still a thing of concern. There are some deliverers that might mishandle your goods and you may never know. But how do we ensure safety?

Note, It is quite important, because the food is going into our stomach, hence, it can directly affects our health in a positive or negative way. So, once again, how is the safety of our food ensured?

In this article we give tips on how to ensure the safety of food, from the kitchen till it gets to the consumer. read more about safety of food click Here

Food safety in the kitchen

Below are few tips that can ensure the safety of food in the kitchen.

  • Hygiene: following a strict hygiene practice is a very important aspect in the kitchen. The first thing to do before you start anything in the kitchen is to wash your hands because of the germs you would have unconscious accumulated into your hand.

So Hand washing after handling each order should be mandatory. Kitchen waste should be disposed at hourly intervals to prevent flies from breeding. Also, all utensils should be washed by the end of every work day.

  • Food handling: food should not left out for too long. Leaving food out for too long would allow bacteria growth and that is highly unhealthy. In order words, highly dangerous to the consumer.
  • Appropriate temperature for cooking: All types of food, from carbs to proteins to oil, should be cooked at the appropriate temperature.
  • Food storage: The best way to preserve food is by using ur food storage. Instead of leaving food out for long, refrigerate them instead. Refrigeration slows down the growth of bacteria in food to the barest minimum. Also, helps prevent food wastage.

Food safety for food delivery

Food safety pre delivery

Before food is finally delivered to the customer; it must be properly packaged without leakage. The courier should also be sensitized about proper handling of the food. Food should be delivered with safety gloves.  This is done to  remove any concerns the customer might have concerning  that  food.  Read more about food safety pre delivery  visit at :

Food safety after delivery to customers

Below are some tips on how customers can ensure safety even after the food must have been delivered.

  • Reheat your food in the microwave. If you decide to not reheat, make sure that food is eaten immediately or within two hours.
  • Refrigerate food that you aren’t ready to eat.
  • Remove any sort of stuffing from whole cooked poultry before refrigerating.


Let’s not forget that safety is one aspect of life that must not be overlooked. Hence, customers need to know that their foods are safe and didn’t go through any mishandling. The few tips listed above should be enough to make sure food couriers ensure and follow the safety procedures when handling their customer’s food. Remember, safety first!