Should you take CBD for pain?

Should you take CBD for pain?

Should you take CBD for pain?

Everyone experiences pain every now and now. Pain is a constant part of the human existence but also something that people would rather not experience. Body pains or internal pains can influence several aspects of our lives.

It discomforts us, makes us sad and sometimes leaves us helpless. It is because of this and every other day, an alternative to the usual aspirin is being looked for.

There have been some news about CBD being a very good alternative. So, now instead of reaching for your bottle of aspirin, can you reach out for CBD pills instead? The answer to this question is answered in the latter part of this article.

What is CBD?

CBD is the shortened for cannabidiol. It is one of the several cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plant. Cannabis contains over 120 Phyto cannabinoids and cannabidiol is the second most prevalent.

Should you take CBD for pain?

I know you might be asking yourself that “CBD is from cannabis, will it get me high?” well, the answer is no! CBD doesn’t cause any sort of high sensation neither does it influence human behavior. The substance responsible for the high sensation in cannabis is THC and is only 0.3% of CBD products. read more about Phyto cannabinoids and cannabidiol Click Here

CBD has become very mainstream due to the numerous health benefits. It has been attributed with therapeutic effects against a host of diseases namely; epilepsy, Alzheimer, arthritis, bowel inflammation, cancer and so on.

CBD and pain management

Although there are hardly any clinical proof that CBD can manage pain, the anecdotal evidence has a lot to say. A lot of people have used CBD in their times of pain and have witnessed positive changes. Below are the various pains that CBD have been known to treat.

CBD for arthritis

A study was done on this subject using an animal and they recorded promising results. This research, though an animal model is enough evidence that CBD is effective for arthritis pain. Hence, CBD can used by people to relieve them of arthritis pain.

CBD for cancer

Studies have shown that cannabidiol can help can help cancer in several ways. These ways includes; initiate death of cancerous cells, reduce the development of blood vessels required for cancer growth, and reduce inflammation Impede the ability of cancer to spread.

CBD also caters for patients under undergoing chemotherapy by reducing the pains associated with it symptoms. These symptoms may include; fatigue, diarrhea, appetite loss and reduction in weight.

CBD for migraine

Migraine is basically an intense feeling of pains in the head. It is generally characterized by nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. Migraine requires pain medications, but instead of reaching for aspirin, can you reach for CBD? The answer is yes! learn more about migraine visit at:

CBD has also been attributed with treating migraines to a large extent. It is most especially effective when used in combination with THC.

CBD for chronic pain

CBD is effective against chronic pain management and relief. But it is advisable to always follow doctor’s prescription and not be overly dependent on it.


More research still needs to be carried out on the efficacy of CBD. Till then, you ask for prescription from your doctor so that you’re given the right dosage.